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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Schools Out For Summer

Tears at the end of Term


The Summer is finally here, and all the memories of my own six weeks Summer holidays are flooding back to me at the moment.

Miss. B is finishing her first year in school, and as she leaves Reception, and looks forward with great excitement to Year One,
I feel a little sad because I see her younger years flitting away.
I know there will be a few discreet tears shed tomorrow when we pick her up for the final time this term,
and not necessarily by Miss. B.
But, I try and look upon it as her life's adventures just beginning, and what fun she seems to be having with them. 

I remember how long and warm those Summer days seemed when I was small like her, and how my sister and I played outside from dawn 'til dusk. I can't remember ever having a rotten holiday, weather or otherwise.
We used to love our family camping holiday down in Kent.
I wonder how my poor mum & dad ever coped with all of us packed into a little car, travelling all day to get there, and then enjoying the delights of living in a tent for two weeks with no running water or a flushing loo.
I have a new found respect for the sacrifices my parents made for the sake of our Summer holiday.

So as I am now trying to get organised for our own family get away, my attention was drawn to the fact I had to come up with three gifts for Miss. B's teachers and teaching assistant.
The usual chocolates and smellies have been delivered each morning this week by the children, which I'm sure the teachers really enjoy as a little treat for all their hard work throughout the past year.
I, however, wanted to make something myself for them (in true Busy B style of course) to show the appreciation I have for the hard work they do with our little people.
Due to this amazing weather we are having, baking seemed a bit mad, so I reached for the acrylic paints, and voila - an apple for teacher was created.

The wooden blanks were kindly supplied by the very talented Sandra at the Crafts House. They are cut from MDF and supplied blank for you to decorate until your heart's content.

I followed the design Sandra used and wrote my own quote onto the blackboard image.

I like to work with Americana acrylic paint.
It's really quite easy to use and is available from Sandra's shop.
A piece of garden twine and a dash of gingham ribbon completed their look.
I was really rather pleased with the finished pieces.
Hopefully these will be something the teachers can keep and act as a reminder of their year with Miss. B.


I hope you all have an good Summer break, I shall be popping in from time to time over the six weeks holidays, but until then enjoy the sunshine.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summertime Fun

Sizzling Summer Sangria
With this amazing Summer weather that has finally decided to grace us with it's presence this weekend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to enjoy this treat (and it was mine and Mr. B's wedding anniversary).
Picota cherries are in season at the moment (and on special offer in a lot of the supermarkets) so what other reason do we need to try this popular Spanish tipple?
It makes me think of past holidays, before the mini B's came along;
the slow walks along the beach back to our apartment, with that wonderful warm summer breeze whispering against your face .
Are you feeling it yet?
As long as I have those happy memories, I can smile,
One small word to the wise, as wonderful as this is, it's pretty potent stuff, so make sure you can chill out at home and don't make any plans for the rest of the day.

You will need :
1 box of Picota cherries, stoned
2 oranges, juiced and peel removed
4 peaches, cut into slices
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
3 star anise
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 bottle of good quality red wine
100ml Cointreau
100ml brandy
lemonade, to taste
1. Put all the fruit, orange juice, sugar and spices into a large jug.
cover with cling film and place in the fridge.
Leave for 7-8 hours.
2. When ready to serve, remove from the fridge and add the full bottle of red wine, the Cointreau and the brandy.
Finally add the lemonade to suit your own taste.
Now grab yourself a large glass and be sure to get a bit of that lovely, tasty fruit to enjoy too.
Enjoy the beautiful weather and your day.