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Monday, 3 February 2014

What does the Fox say?


What does the fox say?

Woo-hoo, January has gone.

Gosh, I find it such a grim time of the year.
(I apologise to anyone who may like January)
Cold, dark, grey days.

It's such a huge come down after all the excitement of Christmas.
The house feels bare after the decorations come down and are safely packed away for another year in the attic.
It seems so hard to have any enthusiasm about most things.

I've had a short hiatus from baking -
Too many excesses from December to recover from. 
The final piece of Christmas cake was eaten yesterday, 
so I feel I can get the baking tins out again.

The cookie jars are empty and tummies are starting to rumble.
Mr. B has already asked why there is nothing 'nice' to nibble on with his morning cup of coffee.

The ever popular chocolate brownies were made (and eaten almost as quickly) 
at the weekend. 
A full batch (16 in all), were gone in less than 24 hours.

I have found a couple of new recipes to try over the next few of weeks, and I shall let you know how they turn out.

One thing I have been enjoying in January, has been indulging in some lovely crafty projects.

I made a nautical themed sweater for Little B.
He did look ever so sweet in it, and I even managed to find some striped buttons to match the design.

The other projects have been of the 'hooky' kind. 
I finally taught myself to crochet last Summer and have enjoyed the thrill of a new skill soooo much since then.

I get such a buzz out of making anything new.
I sit and look at the work, thinking 'I made that'

The internet is a huge source of inspiration to me.
There are numerous web sites and Blogs  I love to read, and YouTube is a great resource.

The little B's have been enjoying the Ylvis song 'What does the fox say?' and get so excited when we put the video on for them. 
So when I came across the pattern for this hat, I just had to give it a go.

It was very easy to follow and and came together quickly.
I think it only took me three nights to complete.
I only have a little 'me' time at the end of each day so crafty projects can take a wee while to complete.

You could probably make the entire thing in a couple of hours straight if you had some time to yourself. 

I used Rico Merino Soft Aran, which was a lovely yarn to work with.
It didn't split whilst crocheting and has a soft and warm feel when you wear it.
Very nice on a little ones head.

My current project is coming together nicely, which I shall share with you soon.
I do love those ta-dah moments.

In the mean time enjoy your day.