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Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Happy New Year

A  Happy New Year

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Normal routine has been restored to the 
Busy Bee house hold
following all of the festivities
of Christmas.

I am back to work and the children are safely
ensconced in school.

We had a wonderful time.

The magic of Christmas was very much
bestowed upon us. 

With a five and nine year old at home
I did feel as if this was one of the
very special years we will always

Santa called and left a wealth lovely gifts.
Far too many really but,
it's Christmas.

The children were very happy with everything
they received and thank you cards
have been made and posted.

I was given a gorgeous necklace
by Mr B. which I happened to comment on
one day during a day out 
in Helmsley.

Unbeknownst to me,
he had sneaked back to buy it whilst
I was busy sorting out the
kids with the obligatory toilet break 
before we left for home.

Sneaky huh?

The amount of food that we consumed over the
holidays was not too bad at all.

I didn't break into the Christmas cake until
New year's day.

It was delicious and well worth
the wait.

Suffice to say,
there is not a great deal of it left now.
Well, it would be a shame to leave
it to go dry - right?

I must confess I have run my baking mojo
down to empty 
with the run up to Christmas,
so I do not feel compelled
to spend too much time in the kitchen at present,
but I'm sure this will change in a short while.

I also made a little new years resolution not to
get too carried away with trying to make
things and then feel utterly swamped
with everything.

Unfortunately that did involve me
promising Mr.B that I would not
buy any more wool or crafty things
until I have used up my 'stash',
and he also suggested that 
this could include recipe books too.

I think I have sufficient to keep me
going for a while,
don't you?

Seville oranges will be coming into season any time now
so no doubt there will be some
marmalade making going on soon.

So until next time,
I wish you all a very happy 
and healthy 2017.