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Monday, 13 October 2014

Crochet Baby Blanket

Baby Bell's Blankie

 A dear friend from work recently gave birth to her first baby -
a gorgeous little boy, called Harrison.
He is an adorable little chap, and I really wanted to give him something very special,
to keep him snug and warm,
and also that he could keep as a childhood keepsake
(or perhaps more for Mummy to keep).

I thought of all the bits and bobs I still have from my own childhood,
 and in deed the things I have kept from my own two little ones.
The thing that instantly sprang to mind was a blanket  to keep Harrison warm,
but that I could make myself and mean it was
handmade with love,
 for someone special.

I flicked through all of my crochet books
(which I must admit there were a few more than I realised)
 for some inspiration,
and came across a simple but lovely pattern by
The block is called Square Target.

The yarn I chose was Peter Pan Sweetheart double knit and was very easy to work with.
The colours worked really well together
(more by luck than experience).
I used pale blue, dark blue, dove grey and white for contrast.

This wool has now been discontinued,
which is a real shame,
because it really did feel so soft when the blanket was completed.

I am still getting the hang of putting colours together,
but my colour palate is broadening with each project I make.
Playing with colour can be so much fun.

The size worked out just right for a pram blanket.
I worked with 8 squares x 6 squares.

The border was worked using a row of simple treble stitches in white and alternate rows of a chain of five single stitches in each of the colours.
I found the tutorial from Lucy at Attic 24 very helpful with this.

The final edging was from a website I stumbled across and I must confess I cannot remember the name of it,
but it was very easy to work,
 and effective with softening the edge of the blanket
and giving a delicate fluted effect.
The finished item was carefully wrapped,
with little Miffy for company,
and given to my friend at her baby shower.
Now the autumnal weather has settled in I hope little Harrison is cosy and warm with his blankie,
and Miffy is enjoying lots of cuddles too.

Unitl next time, enjoy your day.


strawberrypatches said...

Love the gorgeous blanket - lucky baby. B xx

Karen B said...

Hi Bernice - I sometimes bump into you at The Crafts House and I enjoy reading your blog too! Your baby blanket post is so lovely - it took me down memory lane, thinking of all the stuff I kept from my childhood! Miffy and the blue blanket make a beautiful gift - the colours go so well together. Perfect for a little boy. Karen x

Cindy van der Meer said...

Oh wow! Your blog is soo cute, this baby blanket is beautifull! A very nice color combination. Love it! Hugs -cindy