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Friday, 24 August 2012

Shiney New Pins

Whilst on holiday recently, I came across a lovely little wool shop in Buxton. It had all manner of wools and patterns but these beautiful needles called to me as I perused the shelves.

I had read about them in a knitting magazine a little while ago but not seen any in the flesh. When I spotted them I just had to have them. They are birch wood, made by Brittany, and they are the most comfortable needles I can honestly say I have ever used. Not too expensive at just over £5.00. What I would consider an investment - your tools are your trade so better quality tools make work more fun, right?
Well that's my ethos and I'm sticking to it. The turned ends make them so pretty. Every time I see them poking out of my knitting basket I get a little rush, and the desire to pick them up is almost to much to resist.

I was itching to set about a new project and try them out. Considering Baby Bee is nine months old now, and I am ashamed to admit I have not made anything for him yet, I figured it was most definately his turn, and promptly started to make him a little jacket.

The wool I used was something I had picked up ages ago in a bargain bin on another of our travels, Robin Picasso double knitting.
I was really impressed with the quality of the yarn as I worked with it, and that, plus the beautiful new needles, made this project a pleasure.

Another project just finished is a cardigan for Miss Bee. For this I used wool I picked up from a day trip to Helmsley in North Yorkshire. I started it back in April, but time seemed to stand still a bit with this, and it has taken forever to finish. None the less, finished it finally is and I am really pleased with the result. This was a yarn from King Cole called Splash Rose Hue. I was a little sceptical as to how this may knit up as past experience with these flecked yarns have not always produced the best results, but on this occasion the pattern looked very even and the colours were very attractive. There are quite a few colour choices in the range. The buttons were from my local wool shop, but again I think they have worked really well with the colour. The important thing is Miss. Bee loves it. That makes me happy.

My next project is something for the baby but I will keep you in suspence for just a little longer - but I'm sure you will like it. Suffice to say, I got such a wonderful little butterfly in my stomach when I went to buy the wool today.
Hope you all have fun this Bank Holiday Weekend and whatever your plans may be, enjoy your day.
B x

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