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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Best Laid Plans......

Happy Birthday Baby

The Birthday Hat
(can you spot the overflowing knitting basket?)
I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown by. It only seems like two minutes ago that I was bringing my lovely little bundle of cuddly, snugly, joy home and here we are celebrating his first birthday!
Baby B is fast becoming Little B.

After a somewhat frantic week at work preparing for a big inspection, for which we are given a measly
24 hours notice, (all went well with that thankfully) I knuckled down to some serious cake baking and decorating for Baby B's birthday. We had asked a few family members over for Sunday Tea, and I was so looking forward to celebrating his birthday with loved ones, and watching his little face when everybody sang Happy Birthday to him - this did not go quite according to plan!

His cake was great fun to do and my first attempt at a two tier creation!
Baby B loves Thomas the Tank Engine and so the obvious choice for a theme had to be Thomas inspired. After a bit of 'googling' I found a few ideas and the creative juices began to flow.
Although, I did ask myself, standing finishing things off at a quarter to midnight on Saturday, 
"why didn't I just buy a cake?".

I am so pleased I didn't - the satisfaction of being able to say I made his very first birthday cake was such a reward for all my hard work (and sleep deprivation), and I think he liked it, even if he can't speak just yet!

And here it is


It was a basic vanilla sponge, sandwiched together with home-made strawberry jam and butter icing.
Covered in coloured fondant icing and decorated with various coloured fondant shapes.
I really enjoyed watching how the whole decoration came together and felt such a rush when I 'unveiled' the completed cake to Mr B. I think he was suitably impressed (a man of few words I have to say).

The day of the Baby B's birthday started off pretty much as all Sunday mornings do - swimming lesson for Miss B, and then a dash back to open cards and presents.
However, Little man seemed a bit out of sorts and after a few things happening that just didn't feel right, a trip to A&E beckoned.

We bundled everyone up and into the car, and made a few quick telephone calls to cancel his party. I have to say the staff at A&E were amazing. We were seen quickly and after several hours of observation,  which involved close inspection of the contents of  Baby B's nappies (what a lovely job these emergency medicine doctors have) it was concluded that he was suffering with colitis and a viral infection - poor Baby B.
But at least it was nothing too serious. After breathing a HUGE sigh of relief we headed home and proceeded to light the single candle on top of the birthday cake and sing a heart felt rendition of Happy Birthday to You, which made everyone cheer up.

Miss B seemed to think it was her birthday too as she 'helped' open all of the cards and presents, and blow out the candle, three times!

All told, I can say Sunday was not quite the day I had hoped for, but certainly a day we shall not forget!

Hope you enjoy your day!


The Crafts House said...

..the cake is fab!! sorry to hear little B has not been grand..can it be a year already

Anonymous said...

Super cake. Our little ones grow up so quickly.