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Monday, 4 March 2013

"Please can I play?"

I was fortunate enough to have a few days away from work during the recent half term holidays, which I enjoyed so much.
The opportunity to spend time with Miss B and Little B was wonderful.
 Now that Little B is a wee bit older, he can interact with his big sister and they seem to be developing a lovely little friendship.
She is very attentive to him and you can see how much she enjoys having a little friend to play with.
I watched them enjoying our 'adventures in the car' and realised how lucky we are to have two amazing little people in our lives.
Making sure that we had plenty of 'supplies' for these adventures has resulted in the bulk of my baking being brownies, biscuits, and other such 'old faithfuls'.
Lots of lovely treats, but nothing really different to share with you at present.
I did howeve,r snap this picture of Little B watching Miss B playing in the garden during the holidays.
It was so sad to watch him standing with his nose pressed against the glass, longing to be out playing with her.
Sadly, he's not quite mastered the walking thing. He can stand quite nicely, but when it comes to moving the legs part they look like they made out of rubber.
My heart ached for him, longing to be out there - poor little chap.
When Miss. B realised he was watching her, she promptly came back inside, discarded her coat, scarf and hat in the middle of the kitchen floor, and took him into the play room.
Now there's a big sister who loves her 'little Moo'
I hope to have my baking mojo restored soon, and until then enjoy your day.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe bless him, it won't be long until he can go out and play with his big sister. One day the penny will drop and he'll get the walking thing. Then there'll be no stopping him!! :)
Thank you so much for visiting Bernice and for your lovely comment.
V xxx