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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Elmer's cushion

Patchwork Crochet Cushion

I have been 'dabbling' with crochet for around eighteen months now, having always been able to knit since as long as I can remember.

I was lucky enough to have a Grandmother that was able to both knit and crochet 
(without even looking at what she was doing) 
and I remember many an afternoon spent with her, showing me how to do both.
However, crochet was one of those crafts that just never clicked with me, and as the years passed by I completely forgot what to do.

Sadly Nana is no longer here and I so wish I had paid more attention to her instructions.
But, thanks to the miracle that is YouTube I was able to sit and watch lots of amazing videos which reminded, helped and inspired me 'get crocheting'.
YouTube is really quite addictive, but I digress!

I also discovered a lot of wonderfully interesting blogs, by people who seem to be prolific crocheters.
My first discovery, and still my favourite, is Lucy's blog, Attic 24, (which I think has a huge following).
She shares so many stories about her crafting life and very kindly,
shares a host of the most beautiful patterns to reproduce at home.
She is very talented.

So I sat down patiently, and after several attempts which I was not happy with for various reasons, 
I finally started to get the hang of it.
Tension being one of the trickiest things to get the hang of.

Like knitting needles, there is a variety of crochet hooks available - metal, plastic, wood, etc.
I found the Addi Swing hooks very good. 
The ergonomic design of the handle is so comfortable to work with, and I feel very little fatigue in my hand when using it.
They are a touch more expensive than some of the other hooks out there, but so worth the investment.

'Elmer the patchwork cushion' came about after purchasing some deliciously soft merino wool with some Christmas money I received.

I received an email from Black Sheep Wools (who are brilliant) telling me about a new yarn they had just got in stock.
It was a make I had not heard of before, SMC.
The colours were very inviting and I just couldn't resist trying them out.
The next thing I knew - click 'add to basket', and , well,  you know the rest.

I have to say I was really thrilled with the parcel when it arrived.
My next dilema was "what do I do with it?"

I was browsing around the internet one day and discovered this blog, and knew instantly that this was the next project for me and my new stash of wool.

I printed the image and enlarged it so as to try and work out the pattern from there.
Such has my confidence grown with crochet, I now feel I can work some things out for myself.

The little 'grannies' flew of the hook, and it took longer for me to decide on the pattern of the colours than it did to make them.

My next problem was what to do with the back?

It was then that I found Sandra's blog, Cherry Heart, and my problem was solved.
Not only that, but Sandra had also created the self same cushion.
What are the chances?

I must admit I am so pleased with this cushion, and even Mr. B agreed it was very pretty.
(Not a typical Mr. B sort of thing to say, 
I can assure you.)

And so here it now sits, with pride of place, in the corner of my sofa
(and no body is allowed to sit anywhere near it yet, for fear of squishing it to death).

Ta-dah !!

I have sufficient wool left to probably make another cushion to match, but I think I will play around with a different design.

I have not abandoned my love of baking either.
I have a new recipe to tell you all about too.
The post will hopefully be following soon, but until then
enjoy your day.

1 comment:

strawberrypatches said...

Absolutely love the cushion. You have inspired me! I saw a blanket on Attic24 which looks like a patchwork so thought I might give that a go in cushion form.