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Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Shiney New Kitchen

Confessions of a Busy Bee

You may have noticed there has been a
distinct lack of baking going on in the Busy Bee household of late?

Truth be told, I lost my baking mojo for a while
- about a year to be exact.

It all started back in June last year when the work started on my NEW KITCHEN.

Yep, that's right - we finally started with the extension to create our dream kitchen.
A place to cook in,
eat in,
 and enjoy as a family.

The building work was straight forward and took around 6 weeks from start to finish,
 it was a B-I-G extension.
Then the kitchen fitters had to do there magical bit.
They created the nicest kitchen a girl could ever wish for,
and they did manage to give me some of the things I had always dreamt of.
A bespoke window seat,
an arched window (yes, I loved Playschool when I was a little girl),
an island work space,
needless to say, I am one very lucky girl.

The colour scheme we went for was a soft pastel one.
Nothing to bright or harsh on the eye.
We plumped for Laura Ashley's light duck egg blue in the end.
It is so lovely,
I still sit and admire the colours.
It is a true country style kitchen (with a modern twist).

Living with the work was not so easy.
The dining room became a make shift  kitchen.
My cooking was limited to the microwave
 and a small halogen oven which a friend loaned me.

I washed up in the bath,
and we ate from plastic plates.

This is nothing new, I hear you say,
as many people have found themselves in similar circumstances
when they have work going on in the kitchen.

I think we got off quite lightly compared to some poor peoples tales of woe,
where they have had to endure some pretty terrible ordeals.

But, for some strange and inexplicable reason,
I have not really settled in my beautiful kitchen until now.

I wonder if I was grieving for the little kitchen I had,
or was it just the upset and upheaval of the work which unsettled me so much?

I really can't say for sure, but I have slowly started to feel a sense of comfort and ease
that has allowed me to dip my toe back into the baking world.

I have two fantastic new Siemens ovens,
and a rather complicated manual to read too.
There are so many settings and recommendations for different types of food you are cooking.
A million miles away from my little crappy oven that you just switched on and hoped for the best.

I have really struggled to produce things that I'm really happy with
and I am a bit stumped as to what is going wrong.

Is it the setting of the oven
or perhaps that the temperature is not right in the oven?

Heaven knows,
but I'm determined to get back to where I was
with my pleasure of baking and all things cakey.

Please don't get me wrong,
the kitchen is a wonderful place now,
but I'm trying to be honest and taking this opportunity
 to explain what a strange time it has been for me.

I realise now what a stressful time the whole experience has been,
but one which I had to experience,
 in order to create a lovely space
for the whole family to enjoy.

Any way, enough of my maudlin mews.
I have been playing around with a few recipes,
and these will pop up here shortly.

All the lovely summer fruits have been appearing in the shops
and the temptation to go a wee bit crazy with them is too great.

The plan is to make some raspberry jam this weekend,
and then some delicious scones to compliment them.

Until next time, enjoy your day.

1 comment:

strawberrypatches said...

Oh that is such a lovely kitchen. I know exactly what you mean though about getting used to the strange new order of things. I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely things on your blog. Once you get back into it you will realise how much you have missed playing in the kitchen!