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Monday, 1 February 2016

Seville orange marmalade

Weekend Fun

The Seville orange season is drawing to a close and  I thought I would write a short post about marmalade making which took place this weekend.

Weekends are such a busy time at home,
and I'm sure probably very similar to most homes with young children in them.
We have a busy time with gymnastics, brownies, swimming lessons,
visiting grand parents and so  much more.

I sometimes sit down on a Sunday evening
and wonder where on earth the weekend has disappeared to ?

But one thing is for sure,
it's always lovely to spend time with family,
to laugh and giggle,
and make memories that will stay with us

This weekend I was determined to set aside some time to replenish my marmalade
supplies before I missed my chance to get hold of those precious Seville oranges
that only bless us with their presence for a very short period of time.

I pootled off to Sainsburys and found a bag of them and set about digging out my maslin jam pan.
I had forgotten it was a two day process so it was a bit tricky making the time to finish the process off.

I learnt from bitter experience last year,
this is not a thing that you can hurry.
Burnt on marmalade is a nightmare to get off your precious pan.

So, one late night later, I had five of the most beautiful golden jars of loveliness.
They are now tucked away in the 'jam cupboard' waiting to be eaten up or given away as special gifts.
I sometimes walk past the cupboard and just open it to admire the lovely home made contents that decorate it's shelves.
Needless to say I am easily pleased.

I have posted a link here for how I made the marmalade
and with  bit of luck you may still have a chance to get hold of the oranges before they disappear for another year.

Until next time,
enjoy your day.


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