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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

We're Going On An Adventure

Good Food Show
Scotland 2013
Once a year Mr. B. gives me a 'pass out', and very kindly agrees to be
'in charge' for one entire day back at HQ. He really is so kind.
So this year my annual road trip was to be off up the road to Glasgow for the BBC Good Food Show.
My road trip companion was with the lovely Sheena, my very good friend that I work with.
These trips seem to be becoming a regular event, and I have to confess, I love them.
We were both Good Food Show virgins, so we really didn't know quite what to expect.
I have to say we were not disappointed.
An early start to catch the 7.30 a.m. train from Newcastle Central station was the beginning of our adventure.
We arrived at the SECC around 11.00 a.m. and the short walk from the railway station was under a covered walkway, which was just as well because guess what?
Yep, it was raining!
The arena was a pleasure to be in. It was light and airy and the facilities were very good.
Plenty of loo's, and very clean and well maintained, several ATMs, etc.
We were given complimentary show guides, which detailed all of the exhibitors and their contact details.
You could leave your belongings in a cloak room should you wish, and there were also really good sized bags to purchase, or even a wheelie shopping bag.
My goodness, they had thought of everything to help make your visit as easy as possible.
Sheena and I really didn't know where to start,
so we decided to 'do a circuit' and then make up our minds on what wares we wanted to take home with us.
This lasted for all of about 3 minutes !
The first stall we found was the Wee Pie Company.
I bought a hand raised pork pie, which is one of Mr. B's favourites, and he has confirmed it was indeed
Sheena tried the steak pie and crust dunking sauce, and her hubby echoed a similar opinion..
Next up, and possibly my personal favourite purchase of the day was from the Truckle Cheese Company
We tried a sample of the mature cheddar cheese, with onion marmalade, and oh my word, we had never tasted anything quite like it.
Divine !
I must say all the stall holders were very kind and only to happy to let everyone sample their wares.
Sheena at the Gruyere stand

Enjoying Belgian chocolate ice cream
There was indeed a plethora of fantastic foodie stalls to visit, along with kitchen gadgets, knives, oak furniture and then there was Mr. Torode.
The huge screen above the main stage
Sheena had bought us tickets to watch John Torode give a cookery demonstration
( a special birthday present for me )
and the chance to sit three rows from the front, slap bang in the centre of the row right in front of him,
was the bestest treat of my day.
(Thanks again Sheena).
He prepared two prawn based dishes - a Thai curry type dish and deep fried prawns in a prawn cracker crumb.
The smells wafting their way to our twitching nostrils was mouth watering, and had it not been for the abundance of  food and drink samples we had enjoyed throughout the day I just might have had to put my hand up and ask for a little taste.
Phwoah, it smelled scrumptious.
John was quite charming. Laughing and joking with the huge audience that was watching very intently.
He had us in the palm of his hand.

There was also a small stage set up for Q&A's with a variety of special guests,
such as James Morton, Natalie Coleman, Tom Kitchin
 and Ade Edmondson, to name but a few.
These seats were free but you had to nab them while you could
So suffice to say, Sheena and I had a wonderful adventure, and should you ever think about a trip to any of the Good Food shows in future my advice to you would be "go for it".
You really will have a day to remember.
Until next time, enjoy your day.

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